Our range of Whitening products have been developed to provide optimum comfort and convenience – ensuring your patient has a truly unbeatable whitening experience. 

We are committed to providing marketing support which equips you with everything to tempt and inform your patients. Featuring a fresh twist on our signature Autograph branding, our range of materials ensure an effortless treatment uptake increase.

Why choose Autograph?

Autograph Whitening has the perfect balance of effective gels, quality packaging, and marketing support to create an effective and enjoyable whitening experience for each and every one of your patients.

Wear Time

Enjoy a convenient and comfortable whitening experience

The first 1-2 hours of daily treatment with Autograph Whitening are the most powerful and effective, so no-one has to wear whitening trays overnight. This is great news for patients who dislike wearing whitening trays for longer periods. 

Take a look at our wear times


Pack Options

We believe that high quality branding and packaging adds value for the clinician and sets Autograph apart from the competition. All aspects of the patient’s experience are designed to reflect the quality of the product; from the first leaflet they pick up in the waiting room to the take-home box containing their teeth whitening. Autograph Whitening is available in patient kits or top-up packs. Each kit is supplied with a leaflet, instructions, selfie competition postcard and stylish Autograph bag.

4 x 3ml Syringe Patient Kit

Choose from 10% carbamide peroxide or 16% carbamide peroxide with a 1 hour wear time.

2 x 3ml Syringe Top Up Pack

Choose from 10% carbamide peroxide or 16% carbamide peroxide with a 1 hour wear time.

Autograph Bundle

This includes whitening trays in a carry case and a 4 x 3ml syringe patient kit.

Choose from 10% carbamide peroxide or 16% carbamide peroxide with a 1 hour wear time.

Our New Autograph Whitening Pen

Whiten at home & on the go with Innovative Technology

The Autograph Whitening Pen is a versatile “brush-on” tooth whitening applicator can be used at any time, anywhere. Whether you are whitening all of your upper and lower teeth, or just require a touch-up on those difficult, hard to reach spots, The Autograph Whitening Pen is ideal.

Simply remove the cap, turn the pen until a small droplet of whitening gel appears and apply directly to the teeth.

  • Can be stored at room temperature
  • No trays necessary
  • High viscosity gel for excellent results
  • Convenient and easy way to whiten teeth

The Autograph Whitening Pen uses Innovative PVP Technology, (polyvinylpyrrolidone) which ensures an ideal viscosity and chemical stability at room temperatures. The bleaching action, releasing a peroxide comparable to 6% hydrogen peroxide, begins when the gel makes contact with the teeth.

Frequently Asked Questions

The number of shades the patient's teeth will lighten depends on many factors, including the starting shade and cause of discolouration. If the patient has crowns or bridges, these materials cannot be lightened by any tooth whitening gel. Any restorations can be re-created to match the new shade following treatment.

A difference can be usually seen after three to four days. Most patients are satisfied with the results after seven to ten days of wearing whitening trays for one to two hours per day.



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Water keeps the teeth hydrated during the whitening process. If a gel doesn't contain water, a temporary whitening effect happens which disappears during and after rehydration. Autograph's formulation ensures that the results you see during treatment last once the treatment has ended.

The close to neutral ph (6.8) helps make Autograph a safe, stable and effective dental whitening product.

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